Phoenix Rising

Agency Update

Broadwave Transmission, Attention All Personnel


New Burn Notice
Paul Chang, Codename – DRAGON has been let lose as an unreliable asset, all personnel who spot him approach with caution, Bounty $5,000,000


New Kill/Capture Orders Issued
Nikita Ivanov, Codename – OX – Former KGB, approach with great caution, Kill Bounty $750,000
Burkwalt Hoberton, Codename – SNAKE – German National, incredibly dangerous all agents utilize proper PPE during breach operations, known chemical enthusiast, mentally unstable, Kill Bounty $1,500,000
Itai Har-Zahav, Codename – HAILSTORM – Former Israeli Commando, Wanted for shirking duty in Palestine by Mossad, Bounty – $1,500,000
Mei & Ling Yamato – Wanted by their Father SLEEPING DRAGON, Yakuza connections. Capture Bounty $4,000,000, Wanted Alive by SLEEPING DRAGON


At Large Kill/Captures

Ignazio Santos, Codename – FALCON – Burned after treason against the Archer Conspiracy, Low Combat Threat but incredibly elusive, Bounty $8,000,000
Hashin Al-Qutu, Codename – PROPHET – Escaped from Archer Black Site 8, 2 years ago, Incredibly dangerous leader of an international criminal organization, Bounty $12,000,000
Candice, Codename – MONGOOSE – Assassin for Hire, incredibly dangerous close known for close cooperation with CIRCE, wanted for murder of 10 Archer Agents, Bounty $4,000,000
Camilla, Codename – CIRCE – Accessory to Assassination, Stealing Secrets, incredibly dangerous all operative approach with caution, Bounty – $4,000,000
Cassandra Willows, Codename – HEMLOCK – Wanted for treason against the Archer Conspiracy, Attempted network breaches against Static Computer Systems, Bounty – $1,750,000
Codename – TEMPEST – Bravo Control, Wanted Dead or Alive for Massive Treason against the Archer Conspiracy, Accessory to Murder of over 800 Archer Agents, Bounty $80,000,000
Stalhe, Codename – RIFT – Assassin for Hire, Wanted for 40 murders of Archer Agents, Bounty $7,000,000
Ramelan, Codename – BLACKFIRE – Indonesian Terrorist wanted for 60 murders, Escaped from Archer Black Site 8, Associated with The Brotherhood, Bounty – $2,000,000


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