Phoenix Rising

Feud Session 1

It begins

Ok this is the outcome of our first Feud session (Pat vs Bryan)

Cancun, Mexico Private Airfield
Sebastian Guerra Lopez (JACKAL) and his security detail (Armando, Ricardo, and Manuel) board a private jet chartered from Chile to the Caymans eventually boarding a ferry to an unnamed island in the Caribbean. On this island is a luxurious bungalow and agents FALCON and LUNAR were waiting for them, the group sat for dinner but JACKAL decided to get right to the point “I know what you are up to Ignazio Santos and I don’t like it. I heard from a reliable source that you might be thinking about tracking down Javier Andros’ niece, keep her out of this and keep out of Beltran-Leyvas Cartel territory, after that FALCON was wickedly lambasted by JACKAL who then escaped on a trio of armed helicopters leaving FALCON’s dinner sand blasted by rotor wash.”

Hamburg, Germany Gunthur’s Garden Restaurant
Paul Chang (DRAGON) and Nikita Ivanov (OX) walk into Gunthur’s Garden a restaurant in Hamburg, Germany. DRAGON sits by the bar attracting some attention due to being one of the few Asians in Hamburg and asked for “The Daily Special”. He was escorted into a secret backdoor where he meets Hugh Sicard (VULTURE) and opens up the conversation saying that “FALCON doesn’t have the balls to finish a job but I’m damn well going to put the bastard down” the insults continued as the two men discussed their mutual enemy and numbers were exchanged as well as the name of a major information broker in Hamburg, Weston Ross aka The Rat. Unfortunately VULTURE is unable to contact the man due to past dealings but DRAGON is a new face and he might be willing to deal.

DRAGON and OX cased Hamburg looking for this elusive man and eventually found his communication hub by tracking down multiple leads using police and street information. They left a message with the following words “Birds of Prey”, “Old Man”, and “Ignazio Santos” and returned the following night to meet with The Rat. He was willing to deal but needed some pest dealt with Si Moon Song (KITSUNE) had taken it upon herself to start dismantling his network of informants and he needed her dealt with before he would reveal the needed information. He knew she was in Moscow right now taking down and Ex-KGB (Ivan Kowlen) who was selling defense secrets to rogue states.

Moscow, Russia
Meanwhile in FALCON’s secret base he to was planning on sending agents to Moscow to contact Celestia Castillo Flores (ANGEL) hoping to utilize her talents to deal with his ever-widening range of problems. He dispatched MERCURY and SPIDER to Moscow since they were already in Spain and would make the best time. DRAGON and OX arrived a day before them and located KITSUNE while she was trailing her target and offered their assistance in tracking down her bounty. Once he was located KITSUNE delivered an impressive kick to the man’s head and had cuffs on him in a flash, she made plans to speak with DRAGON tomorrow night. The two met and discussed their work DRAGON was a cop looking to bring an elusive criminal to justice and she would be the perfect person to bring him in and get the 16 million dollar bounty. The same night SPIDER and MERCURY ended up in country looking for ANGEL, she was not hard to fine and they tracked her to a small nightclub on the river. Operative MERCURY made contact and presented herself as a potential candidate for The Banshees Motorcycle Gang, she was given a proving assignment to chase away a cop that was asking questions but particularly to get rid of a meddlesome bounty hunter.

MERCURY received a description of the target as well as a last known location, her and SPIDER sought out that location and began following the two men’s trail. Eventually they came upon DRAGON and OX as they were debriefing from the day’s happenings in an internet cafe. Winston Copperbottom (MONKEY) was on his way after doing a brief surveillance run but MERCURY had spotted the obvious pair (a walking wall and Asian in Moscow) as she was strolling about, after some catcalling by OX (who like DRAGON noticed the woman was looking rather nosy) MERCURY got on the roof of a building across the street and began recording. SPIDER walked in to the same establishment and MONKEY noticed MERCURY observing his partners.

He began pursuing the young woman and eventually found her atop an apartment roof down the block, the two began to fight and numerous blows were exchanged but eventually MERCURY proved a formidable foe and MONKEY began to fall back working his way down a fire escape to the street with MERCURY in close pursuit. He ran for about 50 yards before signalling that a distraction was necessary which caused OX to detonate the explosives the pair had hidden in a Van earlier. Eventually all the agents worked their way back to the internet cafe and waited for the police to arrive, the group gave their statements DRAGON and OX escaped using their rented car, MONKEY went to the local precinct claiming that he could describe the bomber if he had a sketch artist and SPIDER and MERCURY slipped away once the confusion died down.

Hamburg, Germany
DRAGON and OX made it back to Hamburg to inform The Rat that KITSUNE would not be a trouble for him in a while and shared the following information.

OWL – French, Jean Luc Gerard, French Countryside, INTERPOL, Birds of Prey, FALCON, Faceman, Former Brazilian UN Assembly kicked out for lascivious behavior, He killed a pair of arms merchant that did business with the Beltran-Leyvas Cartel out of Acapulco, Mexico EAGLE and CONDOR, Former US military personnel (now deceased), HAWK, Computer Expert, Showed up on the grid again 2 years ago, VULTURE, bottom-feeding scoundrel, German Youth Prison for Murder

After this information was exchanged DRAGON extended an offer of employment to The Rat and he accepted but he had to finish some things in Hamburg first. Around this time HAWK managed to figure out how JACKAL had gotten a hold of the information on him, it was man in FALCONs informant network named Weston Ross in Hamburg and SPIDER was on his way.


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