Phoenix Rising

Meanwhile in the Mediterranean

Somewhere in the Med

Scene – Middle of the Sea, zoom in on a yacht The Glass Swan, Camera pulls up and over the aft end and there sits a pretty woman reading a tablet PC intently (Operation Status, DRAGONSLAYER, in progress, FALCONEER, in progress, QUIVER, awaiting activation, WICKER, delayed) with a well dressed and muscled man standing watch nearby.

" Miss V, you have some messages, Camilla says that the operation is going as planned they fell into the trap and took the bait, Amy says that FALCON contacted Celestia as planned and they will soon have a face to face, Team 16 says that the are moving in on ARROWHEAD’s message to DRAGON’s phone, they tracked it to the Persian Gulf. "

Perfect Giselle, cause that’s where we are headed right now, give SAMSON the go ahead.

“Also Miss V the Colonel called again he needs to talk to you about Project – WICKER, its encountered another delay with securing the necessary materials. He also needs more trainers and contractors in country in order to meet his goals.”

Damn, that man and many others will be the death of me, tell him I’ll call him in an hour and tell the others to continue as planned. With any luck Paul and Ignazio will kill one another and we can move on without the extra baggage, but ARROWHEAD I want alive, he has something that belongs to me and I aim to reclaim it.

With that Giselle heads back into the comm rooms and Gabrielle will finish the glass of wine on her table and check her Tablet again, “QUIVER, Green Light, Move in and secure the Target Alive if possible, Minimal Force Optimal, Lethal Force Authorized


AlphaMirage AlphaMirage

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