Phoenix Rising

Sub-Organization Details

Alright this is how the game is gonna work, you can have up to 3 agents per PC (same level, also Pat has exception of connections), this makes each one of you in charge of a team of agents that can be sent to multiple places to deal with scattered threats, clue chains, or to prevent another operation from succeeding (assuming you know about it).

Additionally you have a home base for your organization with a single threat resource (assuming you meet the prerequisites for it as part of your organization). With the sub-groups private funding or access to stolen accounts you can build this base up to Scope 2 (read details F/P 98, this gives you effectively up to 88 Mastermind points which can be spent on the organization, it’s base, minions (yes you can have minions using rules found in SEG and/or MM), and threat resource).

How you spend your points determines the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, if you can justify (via a side quest, approved background element, or one of your agents connections) having a piece of technology or influence beyond your organization’s structural build you may have it but it can more easily be removed.

Post Details in Wiki, make a Player secret visible to me and you for stats but your organization should have some public data that can be considered a hook should someone pursue it (after all spies know (or can find out about) each other, just not that well).


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