Anonymous ELINT operator, Potential Rogue Asset


Operative – ARROWHEAD
Height – 5’10
Weight – 168
Age – 30?
Sex – M
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Brown
Ethnic – African
No Markings (Potential Scars)
Home Country – ?Kenya?
Department – Phantom Operative
Snoop 6/ Sentry 3

Gear – Laptop + 3 w/ Hacking (if you roll an action die roll 4 and keep the highest 2), Image Processing, a Lvl 3 Firewall (-6 to any hack attempts), and frag switch, Encrypted External Hard Drive w/ Frag Switch, Agency Sig Sauer P226 (traceless), 2 17 round P226 magazines, Electronics Kit, Professional Digital Camera w/ 5 HC SD cards, Bugs


Background – ?unknown database error?, No previous record found in Agency or International records, Possible secret organization affiliation. Agency databases confirm that Call sign ARROWHEAD failed to respond to Bravo Control during Decension, all known aliases and cover identities are listed dead, Agency resources are unable to substantiate this fact, further investigation terminated, ARROWHEAD’s fate after he left Bethesda is unknown. ?to little data to make assumptions?

DescriptionARROWHEAD is an imposing and stoic figure, he is the epitome of a gray man utterly unremarkable in appearance or attitude. He prefers to wear standard street clothes and blend into crowds, KINGBLADE inflicted major damage to him, scars remain, possible plastic surgery to restore his normal appearance.

AttitudeARROWHEAD is a cold person, whether by conditioning or nature it takes a great deal to have any effect on his steely demeanor. This is comforting for some agency assets on stressful assignments but unnerving for others. He has an unusual ability to know what is going on at all times leading some people to become paranoid that he bugged them in some fashion.


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