Burkwalt Hobarten (SNAKE)

German Scientist/Chemist/Psudo-Psychologist now working for Chimera


Code Name-SNAKE


Background-Born a wunderkind with 3 doctorates by the age of 30 he was a Professor at several schools in Germany… all of which he was fired from due to experimentation on the staff and student body with several toxins and chemicals he had been experimenting with including emotion inhibitors and emotion stimulants. Zodiac took him in when no one else would cause of his extensive knowledge pool that they can draw upon, also with his help they can draw the secrets from those who wish to keep them from the will of the Zodiac.

Description-Sadistic and scheming SNAKE is always looking for some way to experiment with his Toxins. Never seen on the front lines of battle always in the back, he hides away and only comes out when his skills are needed.

Burkwalt Hobarten (SNAKE)

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