Claire Basset (LUNAR)

"A pretty face can hide an evil mind." - Johnny Rivers


CodenameLUNAR (Clair Basset) Height – 5’4ft Weight – 102lbs
Age – 25 Hair Color – Blonde Eye Color – Blue Ethnicity – Caucasian
Home Country – England Department – Civilian Femme Fatale 9

Gear – Designer Clothing, Trendy Clothing, Makeup Kit, Stylin’ Purse, Colored Contacts, Cellphone (with all the hot numbers), Platinum Credit Card


BackgroundLUNAR (Claire Basset being her real name) was born into a wealthy English family. Her father was a wealthy businessman and her mother was a model and trophy wife who rarely cared to see her. Her parents cold attitude towards here manifested in a variety of ways some rather improper. She was sent to an all-girl boarding school for most of her educational career.
She showed a great talent in the arts and enjoyed skiing in the French Alps near her school. After graduating she trying to pursue a modeling career but washed out and went to singing instead. She is a gifted singer and performs at numerous private and exclusive clubs so she gets all the attention she desires.

’What did she do since BLACKJACK pat

Description – Claire inherited her mother’s good looks and likes to flaunt it on the streets of the trendiest cities. Her fave color is purple and always likes to incorporate it into her outfits (which are custom made by her favorite designer in London). She spends a great deal of time preening herself everyday so her hair and make up are always fabulous and attract attention. Additionally she wears a lot of jewelry (fancy gold and silver stuff mostly with the
occasional gem).

Attitude – Claire loves attention likely trying to reclaim some of the lost affection from her parents so anything she can do to attract it she will. She is a little social butterfly knowing the ins and outs of high society and finds the most handsome man at a party to flirt with.
’Her Attitude may have changed since BLACKJACK and being incorporated into your scheme pat

Claire Basset (LUNAR)

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