Javad Ebrahami

Freelance Iranian Journalist with lots of inside knowledge


Javad Ebrahami
Height – 5’8ft
Weight – 157lbs
Age – 26
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Brown
Ethnic – Persian
Home Country – Iran
Department – The Fourth Estate (Print Journalist)
Sleuth 5/ Journalist 4

Gear – FN Five-Seven 5.7×28mm Pistol, 3 20 round Five-Seven Magazines, Knife, Average Clothes, Satellite Phone, Binoculars, Leatherman, Sunglasses, Cell Phone, Forgery Kit, Disguise Kit, 2 Flashlights, Magnifying Glass, Audio Recorder, Professional Digital Camera, 5 Micro-SD cards, External Hard Drive, Netbook Style Laptop


Background – Javad is a freelance journalist with lots of alternative publication credits especially in Al-Jazeera as a contributing reporter. He got started in journalism after the Green Revolt (The Iranian populist movement to peacefully overthrow the government) and was one of the contributors to the twitter feeds even though the government tried to shut the internet down. After that incident he fled the country to Afghanistan and from their joined up with an American patrol and was put in jail for three months as a “Person of Interest”, he was set free and went to India for a while to cover the Kashmir region in Indian and manages to pick up lots of juicy gossip on the Pakistani terrorists there. He reported it to Indian Security Forces and received a bounty for giving them such good information.

After going to India he spent time in Indonesia and the Phillipines and exposed all sorts of corruption in that region. He received multiple threats to his person and had to start carrying a weapon with him when he traveled, especially when he was covering pirates in the Straits of Malacca. He found out that these pirates were receiving support from an unknown man who he later found a name to High Sicard, some big shot criminal in a tank of little fish. That wasn’t the best part though he was really trying to expose criminal mistreatment of mental patients at a free psychiatric hospital outside Manila operated by Jack Nadir, an american psycologist and mental health doctor. It just seemed to good to be true and Javad was determined to find out what the real scoop is, he was unfortunately unable to access the facility due to its intense security and surprisingly competant guards.

After a year he left the Phillipines and started working for Reporters without Borders (a non-profit he worked with in the past but always in a limited capacity) and they gave him the assignment to monitor the Congo because they were concerned about the lack of transparency in the region after Erebus took it over. He managed to sneak into the region and has evaded detection so far but has been unable to make contact outside the region due to the ubiquitous jamming of cellular devices.

Description – Javad’s appearance varies depending on where he is living at the moment however most of the time he wears long sleeved buttoned shirts, dirty cargo pants, and a shemagh or hat of some kind. He keeps his hair short (to better protect against bugs) and is normally seen wearing sunglasses and writing in a notepad of some kind. He does have a shoulder bag which he uses to hold some of his gear (and he has his pistol in the outside cover) but he travels light.

Attitude – Javad is a reformer at heart he seeks to root out corruption and misinformation and clear them out with truth and facts. He is exceptionally logical and has a certain air about him that makes him seem trustworthy as well as a worldliness that attracts people to him.

Javad Ebrahami

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