Nikita Ivanov (Ox)



Operative – OX
Hair Color-Blond
Eye Color-Blue
Home Country-Russia
Department-Black Ops


Background-Born in the State of Russia, he is feared but gentle with a hot temper. During his years in the Russian army he was called the Ox of his platoon, as he carried their wounded with surprising ease and still fight with his free hand. This earned him a spot in training for the Russian KGB and eventual indoctrination into the elite group. Top of his platoon in the KGB he was part of the secret guard for the President of Russia. After 2 years of service he was mysteriously let go while mid mission for the KGB and left on his own. On the run and under cover he ran into Dragon who offered him a life and job in exchange for his loyalty on the hunt for the one who he feels betrayed him and the world.

Description-Ox is a very imposing figure using his height and stature to strike fear in his appoints and he has a very short fuse. He prefers to ware street clothes but with Kevlar under it for a little added insurance. And is rarely scene without the ability to quickly access weapons with ease.

Nikita Ivanov (Ox)

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