Sean Fletcher (HAWK)

The greatest hacker the Agency had ever seen.


Operative: Sean Fletcher (HAWK) Height: 5’11’’ Weight: 165 Age: 30 Sex: M
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Green Ethnicity: Caucasian
Home Country: United Kingdom Department: Computer Espionage Agency: Phoenix
Snoop 3/ Scientist 2/ Hacker 4

Gear: Personal Laptop + 5, Smart Phone, “Burn” Phone, Electronics Kit, 9mm Pistol, 2 15 round pistol magazines, Sweeper Kit, Silencer

Van (Extra Armor, Improved Handling, Secret Compartment, Remote)


A more interesting idea for the Birds of Prey, lets say that they weren’t members of the conspiracy to start. I’m imagining a mercenary espionage team that was a small fish in the intelligence game but with lots of promise, OWL could have been Conspiracy at one time but went off the reservation after an op, adopted a new ID, and figured he could do a better job than those relics. He recruited you, HAWK, VULTURE, EAGLE, and CONDOR and used old contacts he made during his time with Conspiracy to to find work. Thats how VULTURE got in there, someone like that would have been a liability for the Conspiracy however he was talented and ruthless which makes him a great mercenary. After his betrayal OWL realized he was washed up, this would ruin the team’s reputation so he set up the events that got FALCON into the Conspiracy (I still think HAWK is better as an outsider so he doesn’t have a Conspiracy file that could be used against him by the remnants of the Conspiracy) and set up HAWK to be independent

Sean Fletcher (HAWK)

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