Sebastian Guerra Lopez (JACKAL)

New Vice-Commander of the Beltran-Leyvas Drug Cartel


Sebastian Guerra Lopez (JACKAL)
Height – 5’9ft
Weight – 158lbs
Age – 26
Sex – M
Hair Color – Black
Eye Color – Brown
Ethnic – Latino
No Markings
Home Country – Mexico
Department – Organized Crime (Beltran-Leyvas Cartel)
High Roller 7/ Goodfella 4


BackgroundJACKAL started out as a runner for the Beltran-Leyvas Drug Cartel in Acapulca, Mexico. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a soldier when SIGARO joined the Cartel and the two worked closely with one another. The two ran point on numerous missions for the Cartel and eventually they left to form their own little crime syndicate in Miami, Florida.

This ran fine for a while but eventually SIGARO took a leap of absence and Sebastian was put in charge. He continued to run the day to day operation and long term planning aspects of their business. Eventually SIGARO returned and stepped back into the leadership role and began working for Twilight as his professional operations team.

After SIGARO died in Shanghai, China Sebastian was once again put in control of his estate and business dealings. He was given final orders by SIGARO and continues to implement them under his new authority. Sebastian and most of the SHOT team returned to work with the Beltran-Leyvas Cartel and quickly assumed all the command and training positions and began moving the group into more legitimate business (with some less than legal stuff on the side) using all the capital it earned to bring down Los Zetas (with some outside assistance from certain mercenary bands) and move into Mexican politics.

DescriptionJACKAL has that trademark Latin charm even if he swears frequently (nearly always En Espanol) and might smoke to much. He dresses well knowing full well that he earned every Armani suit in his wardrobe on his own accord. His status has given him a certain threatening glare and swagger and he can be a foe or friend with equal skill.

AttitudeJACKAL has a major attitude problem he comes off very heavy handed most of the time and his methods lack a certain finesse that his mentor SIGARO possessed but are bold and efficient.

AlliesJACKAL is the Vice-Commander of a major Cartel and can call upon a wide range of resources from thugs to businesspeople and so many lawyers and politicians. He is always escorted with a three man security detail with some of the best soldiers and drivers in the Cartel.

Sebastian Guerra Lopez (JACKAL)

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