Si Moon Song (KITSUNE)

Moral Bounty Hunter Eliminating the Scum of the Earth


Si Moon Song (KITSUNE)
Height – 5’2ft
Weight – 108lbs
Age – 23
Sex – F
Hair Color – Brown
Eye Color – Brown
Ethnic – Korean
No Markings
Home Country – South Korea
Department – First Contact Operations
Martial Artist 5/ Bounty Hunter 4


Background – Si Moon Song was one of the best students at the Dojo which was led by her father. He did lots of training with the South Korean Army until he was killed by a North Korean Infiltration Team.

She joined the police but found out quickly that she didn’t like being confined and left within a year becoming a freelance bounty hunter. Since then she has been seeking out dangerous criminals worldwide and bringing them to justice. She is personally proud of the 8 million dollars offered by three different international criminal organizations for her death.

Description – Si Moon Song is a very slight woman but she is in great shape and has impeccable Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido form. She typically wears loose fitting clothes in order to get the full range of motion for her work.

Attitude – She approaches her work like an avenging angel and is particularly fond of righting evildoers most jobs she does are simply freelance work that she hears about through her own network of confidential informants. As you can imagine there are quite a few law enforcement personnel that would be willing to help her solve cases that they cannot.

Si Moon Song (KITSUNE)

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