Lara Croft but Indian


Nagpur Mahji Tejal aka Tejal (SANDSTORM)
Height – 5’7ft
Weight – 147lbs
Age – 26
Sex – F
Hair Color – Black
Eye Color – Green
Ethnic – Indian
No Markings
Home Country – India
Department – Civilian Specialist
Explorer 9


Background – Tejal was an archeology student at the University of Delhi and graduated top of her class and was president of the pistol club. She was recruited by the Agency in Africa based on her remarkable survivability in hostile environments and after a quick education in trade-craft they made her a field agent. She is a definite asset to the Agency because she has legitimate access to remote locations that hostile operations call home and the skills to access them.

Since the BLACKJACK incident Tejal has been very busy, she never held much stock in the Agency preferring to use them as a travel agency and little more. One year ago Tejal was approached by a woman named Gabrielle Vargas who was willing to finance her expeditions in exchange for some extracurricular work but never let on what it might be. Since then she has logged many miles in the Jungle and made some important biological and cultural discoveries.

Description – Tejal has the skills to blend in with many different cultures including mimicking their mannerisms and is a polyglot knowing 12 languages and is able to mimic many accents (though her native accent is British). Normally she wears whatever is in fashion with young Indian woman in her home country or clothing suitable for exploration.

Attitude – Tejal is adventurous loving to travel to many different places and experience their native cultures, she fancies herself a new age explorer. To that end she acts the part like all the stories about people on Safari during the Age of Exploration. She is a pragmatic explorer though because if she has to carry it on exploration it had better be useful in some fashion.


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