Winston Copperbottom (MONKEY)


Operative – Monkey
Hair Color-Brown
Eye Color-Brown
Home Country-Great Britten
Department-Wu Fei
Martial Artist 9


Background- Born in London England he practiced his skills of free running all over the city, he also gained notoriety as a thief. First simple thefts from shopping centers and malls getting small things and then larger scale stuff like robbing armored cars and larger stores. He has been captured a few times by the cops but nothing he could get out of with some of his expertise. On the run he tried to pickpocket DRAGON. Seeing through this he was caught by Dragon who was interested in his skills. Promising him a large score and a shot at doing something amazing with his skills.

Description- Very light on his feet and always looking for a larger score Monkey is always looking for something better. He is very ambitious and tries anything to test his borders even to the point where his life has been on the line and he was facing death. He wares a basic hoodie and jeans and doesn’t carry much in weaponry cause he feels that it would impede his jumping and running abilities.

Winston Copperbottom (MONKEY)

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