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  • Phoenix

    !(media-item-align-right){height:304px;width:403px}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/70553/Phoenix_Red_Black.jpg(Phoenix red black)! +*Phoenix*+ *Background* - Phoenix is led by FALCON the enigmatic, treacherous (but charismatic) agent who left the …

  • Milo Tonks (SPIDER)

    Is this guy a freelancer or do you have him on retainer? cause if he's freelance he might pursue other targets and could be encountered during an unconnected act by the agents.

  • Mei & Ling Yamato

    What does LUNAR think of these chicks, she doesn't seem like the kind to appreciate fine asian twins, could be a useful piece of story to play through or a point of blackmail for FALCON for canny agents.

  • Sean Fletcher (HAWK)

    A more interesting idea for the Birds of Prey, lets say that they weren't members of the conspiracy to start. I'm imagining a mercenary espionage team that was a small fish in the intelligence game but with lots of promise, OWL could have been Conspiracy …

  • Claire Basset (LUNAR)

    *Background* – LUNAR (Claire Basset being her real name) was born into a wealthy English family. Her father was a wealthy businessman and her mother was a model and trophy wife who rarely cared to see her. Her parents cold attitude towards here manifested …