Chimera Initiative


Mission Statement
The Chimera Initiative is dedicated to pursuing the hard questions and giving real world answers that will increase our knowledge of the world around us. To that end we are devoted to building the future one step at a time. Chance Gravlin, CEO of The Chimera Initiative, at the company’s opening ceremony, Singapore 2014.

Background – The Chimera Initiative includes several sub departments Chimera Capital, Chimera Research Group, and the Chimera Development Firm. These companies were formed as an extension of Allied Dynamics, a Port Elizabeth (RSA) based company whose CEO Chance Gravlin has a penchant for investing in risky ventures and getting them to turn a profit.

Scope – Chimera Capital and Development are currently involved rebuilding a large piece of Detroit (which they purchased large chunks of inexpensively and are mainly increasing their personnel’s experience and capabilities) with ambition to make it a new high tech manufacturing area.

Chimera Research Group has opened its fifth hospital (Singapore, Port Elizabeth, Manila, Detroit, and Sun City) and fourth research facility (Singapore, Port Elizabeth, Manila, and Detroit) dedicated to the sciences {Singapore (Biology and Chemistry), Port Elizabeth (Engineering), Manila (Mental Sciences) and Port-au-Prince (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)}.

Currently Chimera employs nearly 15,000 full-time workers with 60,000 more on contract or part-time positions. These employees are distributed in four countries (Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, and the United States). According to its last quarter records it enjoys a 10 billion dollar annual business with no sign of stopping, not bad for a company that is a little more than a year old.

Power – Chimera is a division of Allied Dynamics an incredibly large and diverse holding company with massive holdings in patents and facilities. There have been numerous accusations that Chimera and by extension ADY is involved in bribery and extortion to gain favorable regulatory environments. Additionally there have been claims of patent infringement and intimidation by the company on smaller firms as well as hostile takeovers of smaller competitors.

Executive Board
CEO Chance Gravlin | CFO Eary Lark | CBO Elise Lollis | COO Maribel Nichols | CSO Corey Rolland
CLO Kevin Burke | CHRO Rick Offutt | CTO Shane Godin, PhD | CRO Gordan Rowley

Operation Procedure
The Chimera Initiative is a well capitalized firm being closely linked to Allied Dynamics, to that end each sub-division has their own specific mission.

Chimera Capital is an industrial bank much in the vein of GE Capital but more along the lines of a venture capitalist being willing to lend money in exchange for a cut of future profits. Their investigators keep a close eye on numerous promising firms and are proactive in their approach to business. Due to the relatively short period it has been in business it is mainly operating as an internal bank for the Chimera Development Firm and Chimera Research Group.

Chimera Development Firm is a construction company with a wide range of skills available as they have yet to find the best market fit for them. As such they have embarked on a major overhaul of Port-au-Price. They have so far completed demolition and are in the process of replacing and upgrading infrastructure before construction can begin. They have hired a small security force to keep this area under control and prevent vandalism or sabotage of company property.

Chimera Research Group is a large R&D firm based out of Singapore with research facilities in Singapore (Chimera Biological), Manila (The Institute of the Mind), Port Elizabeth (Algoa Bay Engineering Design), and Port-au-Price (Renaissance Computers). These facilities are relatively new and little is known about their current projects although many are excited to see that so much research is being financed by a company across many disciplines.

Chimera Initiative

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