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Background – Erebus is a RMO (Rogue Military Organization) fighting for pieces of the Congo River Basin and winning. All the unorganized warlords and their soldiers quickly fell into line as Col. Soloman Grace steamrolled through them. The organization started out as a small PMC but has since become a full-fledged army with a company of commandoes, two brigades of effective and partially locally sourced soldiers, a regiment of combat engineers plus organized support elements. Recent acquisitions include armor, aircraft, artillery, and ships (both combat and supply) as the company seeks to fully leverage their manpower (or lack thereof) with technology.

Equipment – Nyx Manufacturing is responsible for supplying most of this equipment, it was a small fabrication firm based out of Cape Town, RSA but culled a little niche out for themselves refurbishing and optimizing old soviet armored vehicles as well as manufacturing artillery pieces and helicopter parts. Recently Erebus have begun to expand into naval control as well, purchasing a pair of retired soviet combat ships (ECS Solomon Grace , ECS Mt. Erebus) from the Russians along with technical support for Nyx to bring them back up to fighting shape. These ships are currently at The Erebus Naval Depot in Boma for dry dock and refitting.

Erebus has been forging close ties with the Russian Defense Industry (it is a valuable export customer with the ability to care for their stuff) and has negotiated production licenses with Russian Helicopters and been looking to purchase some Russian jet fighters (Sukhois) at some point in the future. Currently though they are acquiring helicopters, non-combat, and armored vehicles with a modest interest in small naval ships (corvettes and patrol boats mainly) to protect the Congo’s coastal waters (especially their fisheries). The more useful thing is that Erebus has purchased a few roll on roll off ships from the US Navy which they use to transport these armored vehicles. At least once a month a ship operated by an Italian shipping company (owned by Verdachi Holdings) makes the trip from the Black Sea ports to Boma in the Congo loaded with Erebus’ recent purchases and returns with a shipload of natural resources.

LeaderColonel Solomon Grace aka SHADE

Public Disclosure of Capabilities


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