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Norfolk Nuclear Accident
Date: 14/6/2013 | Time – 19:27 Zulu | Location – Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Transcript – According to the United States Naval Spokesman Lieutenant Commander Arthur Greves there was an accident this morning at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown which resulted in the immediate deaths of 21 sailors, (update 25 sailors died the following weak from severe radiation poisoning). We are currently conducting an investigation and Military HAZMAT teams are on site to secure radioactive materials. We have distributed Potassium Iodide to the nearby residents and have evacuated a 10 mile radius around the facility, Bethesda Naval Hospital and Baltimore DC hospitals will be treating all those affected and we will be monitoring the situation intensely. Video Clip – Above Speech (Reporters begin to ask questions about strange happenings in the waters off the coast) “I’m sorry I cannot comment further at this time there will be another press meeting tomorrow morning I might have the answers you seek”.

Follow-up – It has been confirmed there was a small scale radiological accident at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown yesterday morning, the Military is working to clean up any debris that might have been released and multiple agencies have descended on the area.

Also the Navy still has no comment on the unusual happenings witnessed via RADAR by a Coast Guard vessel approximately 60 mi of to the SE of Naval Station Norfolk. The Coast Guard has issued a blanket warning for all fishing vessels within 110 mi of Naval Station Norfolk for a training exercise that mobilized 12 ships yesterday. Apparently it was a shakedown test for a new weapon system to be equipped on future Naval vessels.

Chinese Space Command issued a press release today saying that they detected massive radiation spikes within 300 mi of Naval Station Norfolk which was detected by one of their orbiting satellites. The United States Navy has not issued a clarification for what caused these radiation spikes.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and NASA’s Solar Observatory have blamed these spikes on normal solar and oceanographic phenomena, thinly veiling contempt for Chinese sensors for being unable to differentiate the two.

Chinese Space Command in a rare show of transparency revealed their Sensor’s spectrographic showing traces of Cobalt-60, a radioisotope associated with a dirty salted nuclear bomb (radiological device). The Chinese Energy Minister claims that this was clearly a test for a radiological device similar to those seized from the North Koreans last year.

The Department of Energy prepared a rebuttal but was unable to comment farther on the Chinese Scientist’s findings. The Defense Department has not clarified this challenge from the Chinese which are now joined by the British and Russian Ministers of Energy and Defense Department. The Russian Energy Minister joined by the Russian Defense Minister agree that these radiation spikes were likely a high powered radiological device.

Under mounting international pressure the President of the United States spoke at an International Press Conference that the United States was nearly attacked by 4 radiological devices launched from a submarine which was destroyed by the US Navy on the 14th. This submarine was operated by a Transnational Terrorist Organization using technology stolen from the Russians and French. The Russian Defense Minister dismissed this claim but his claims was quickly challenged and he was forced to acknowledge that a rogue Russian National had performed these actions using an experimental sub design dating back to the Soviets which was never built.

The French Foreign Minister was quick to speak before an international audience that the weapons were of an advanced French design stolen by unknown parties and the Interior Minister was quick to say that the leaks had been plugged and wish for a quick recovery of those affected by this Tragedy.

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Internal Troubles in China erupt in Violence
Date: 20/2/2014 | Time – 22:15 Zulu | Location – Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Earlier today there were massive riots in Guangzhou, China by people protesting the Communist Party. The Guangzhou riot police were called in but were unable to hold back the crowds. The crowd later marched on the city’s administrative center to remove the party leadership by force and be done with their corruption. The riot police were later replaced by the People’s Armed Police who fired on the crowd. The crowd charged forward with stolen riot shields and equipment overwhelming the armed police and seizing their weapons. Later the group, part of a greater Second People’s Revolution, made it to the Administration and publicly executed the city’s mayor and his senior advisers after a quick show trial. The People’s Liberation Army was later called in but the perpetrators had blended back into the cityscape leaving a trail of blood in their wake. The Chinese Interior Ministry issued a press release condemning the perpetrators of such a “gross and unjust action against China” and promised “swift and merciless justice for the families of the fallen”.

A confidential source within the city videotaped the entire thing on a digital camera and we have received a copy for distribution, note some of the footage is disturbing so please use your discretion. (Camera opens on a peaceful march toward the administration, with Chinese Riot Police holding the line against the crowd, a gunshot is heard and the crowd goes crazy and smashes through the police’s line, People’s Armed Police show up later and fire into the crowd, Molotovs and Homemade Grenades explode near them setting some policeman ablaze and injuring others, their comrades attempt to put out the fires and treat the shrapnel injuries but are overwhelmed by the crowd armed with riot shields, batons, and improvised weapons, blood everywhere, the crowd heads to the administrative center and pulls the party leaders out of it, The “Judge” says before the captured party leaders, “We have fought once against an invading power, and many times against internal corruption, may this be the last time so that we may leave in peace with fair leaders above us”, Seven men lined up against the wall of the administrative center, Seven gunshots splatter their blood against the wall, the crowd disperses back to the city leaving the executed against the wall)

21/2/2014 | Location – Shanghai, China
Three near simultaneous explosions rocked Shanghai today, a LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) ship was destroyed in Shanghai Harbor causing massive damage to the port facilities there, while emergency crews were busy with that the Shanghai Stock Exchange and City Administrative Building were severely damaged by ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil) truck bombs. Emergency crews are still sorting through the rubble but the PLA has marched into all of the five central cities of China for increased security. Chinese futures took a major hit today as the full extent of the damage was realized, Shanghai Harbor will take months to repair and cost billions of RMB. In the meantime the PLA and PLAN will lock down all Chinese urban centers and inspect all ships going into the countries remaining ports.

The Interior and Defense Ministers both claimed that this was simply the act of rogue factions and that they have the situation under control and will contain these rebellious elements.

UPDATE – The Second People’s Revolution strikes again by sabotaging several important rail links and canal locks again damaging the Chinese economy and impacting their futures markets. Chinese companies scramble to adjust supply lines and mobilize truck convoys to overcome these limitations. Needless to say Chinese production will be more difficult to ship to their customers after today.

24/2/2014 | Location – Beijing, China
The PLA and PLAN have fully mobilized and are now occupying Shanghai, Beijing, Chongquin, Tianjin, and Guangzhou, roving patrols keep watch on important infrastructure elements and Martial Law is solidly in place. The Prime Minister has asked for and Received Emergency Powers and the government is incredibly active in rounding up potential dissidents. The Chinese Interior Minister has made a statement attesting to the fact that this element has been pacified and everything will return to normal in a few months once the Chinese fix their infrastructure and continue business as usual.

7/3/2014 | Location – Beijing, China
After 2 weeks with no further attacks by the Second People’s Revolution the Chinese Prime Minister has returned emergency powers and repairs are underway. However, rolling brownouts have begun across the country and substations are being compromised by rebel operatives. The Smart Chinese Electric Grid has begun to suffer technical problems which some blame on an American computer attack similar to the Stuxnet computer attacks in 2011. The Chinese Energy Minister claims that this is simply a computer glitch caused by a software upgrade and it will eventually stop. Several financial institutions had their offices broken into last night and it is believed (but not confirmed) that rebel operatives may have gotten away with millions of financial records both domestic and international.

28/3/2014 | Location – Beijing, China
Rolling brownouts have continued despite daily talks with the energy minister and the Chinese economic system is on the edge as the stolen financial records seemed to have provided an unknown party with the ability to liberate billions of RMD from China’s Central Bank, The Business Minister says that his department is doing everything in its power to recover that money and return it to the projects it was allotted to. Rumor has it that the thieves plundered a large portion of the PLA’s payroll and that soldiers may go unpaid this pay cycle while the bank tries to find the missing money.

UPDATE – Rolling brownouts are not the only problem in Beijing a confidential group released a large volume of Chinese internal comments from both the State, These statements have been mirrored dozens of times and some of the revelations are shocking. Our inside sources claim that China has shut down its internet pending investigation into those leaks. Sensitive information has been published including Chinese War Plans and Foreign Objectives.

2/5/2014 | Location – Beijing, China
Even without the internet a confidential inside source has claimed that the People’s Liberation Army has engaged an armed internal group believed to be the Second People’s Revolution. The Army is split between loyalists and revolutionaries and information is scarce from inside China but it is believed that both sides have begun damaging infrastructure in an attempt to deny it to the other.

Un-confimed reports claim that Indian soldiers have attacked Chinese troops on their border in order to get some breathing room and advantage while it presents itself. Russian military units have also allegedly engaged Chinese bases on their border with artillery and air strikes denying the Chinese access to their air forces in those regions.

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7/7/2014 | Location – London, England
The reports that the Chinese are engaged in internal disputes have been confirmed as have the rumors that the Russians and Indians have attacked Chinese military installations and personnel along the border. The UN condemns these actions but as always is powerless to enforce anything without American support. The Americans voted to leave the Chinese to their internal problems and focus on global issues like the rise of Transnational Organizations such as those that attacked the US with radiological devices last year.

The US shuts down AFRICOM and closes all foreign military bases leaving only those in the US and its territories open. All foreign bases are left to their home countries, meanwhile UN peacekeeping operations in the Balkans, Sudan, and Somalia continue to downsize left primarily to regional organizations. Brazil announces it will open its first foreign military installation in Argentina as part of a cooperative project to protect their interests in the Antarctic. Along with Chile Brazil and Argentina announce the Southern Ocean Defense Compact which would safeguard South America’s economic and strategic interests in the region. Australia and South Africa have also expressed interest in the region economically and politically.

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Colombian Military attack Venezuela
Date: 18/6/2014 | Time – 14:29 Zulu | Location – Bogota, Columbia

The Colombian Government issued a Press Release today claiming that open warfare has broken out between Colombia and Venezuela after yesterdays event. Venezuelan military forces attacked a Colombian Oil Rig heavily damaging it and killing all aboard. Last Night and Today Colombian Air Force jets engaged the Venezuelan Air Force and incoming reports show that they are steadily gaining air superiority. Colombia and Venezuela have begun to march on Cucuta and initial reports show that the two have engaged one another with their rapid reaction forces. Brazil and the SODC have stated that they would remain neutral but have begun to mobilize and set up Refugee Camps in NW Brazil.

Colombian forces report that they have moved past Cucuta and have begun a major land offensive into Venezuela, Venezuela has issued a draft to marshal reinforcements to their national military but reports indicate that citizens have thrown the soldiers out of their neighborhoods. The UN condemns both nations and the USN has moved a fleet into the Carribean to protect US and Mexican interests in the Gulf but the Defense Department says they are not to engage except in Self-Defense. The Colombian and Venezuelan Navies are currently engaged as both sides try to protect their shores from invading vessels.

Colombian Forces continue to march toward Caracas which has been under siege for three days now by the Colombian Navy. Currently the Colombian Army is in Barquisimeto after a hard fought 5 days Colombian Air Force planes continue to run strike missions for the army and Venezuelan Air Defense has mostly moved back to Caracas.

Colombian forces have marched into Caracas after the Venezuelan Army forced them to fight for every inch of territory, the Colombian Flag now has replaced the Venezuelan Flag on the Capitol. Colombian Forces have begun to secure the city and its immediate surroundings searching for irregulars. The Colombia Defense Minister has now said that the hot war is over and all that remains is cleanup of the government forces, he thanked the people of Venezuela for their assistance and continued cooperation.

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14/7/2014 | Location – Boma, Congo
The AP has recently learned that a Rogue Military Organization by the name of Erebus has conquered Boma in the Congo. Their leader Colonel Soloman Grace said to the AP that he wishes to liberate the Congo River Basin using this organization to “End Corruption and Ethnic Trouble in West Africa”, This small organization was nevertheless still able to fight against great odds to make the beachhead, Congo-Brazzaville Defense Minister said “We will not allow any organization to threaten our National Sovereignty”. Photo shoots were released to us with crowds of Congolese people celebrating Col. Grace as he rode through the town in his BTR armored fighting vehicle. Reports also indicate that the Congolese defenders lost 47% of their forces when they counterattacked Erebus troops (which primarily consists of mercenaries from the West) and Erebus managed to salvage a large portion of the wrecked equipment.

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7/9/2014 | Location – New York, New York, USA
When parents should be more concerned about school a tragedy has struck, the President of the United States has been assassinated by unknown gunmen. Two Secret Service Agents were injured in the attack which happened right outside a talk show stage that the President was being interviewed in. Reports state that five gunmen attacked the President and his escort, it is unknown how they got to that level without the Secret Service detecting them on the lower levels. The group utilized a helicopter which swept in under the RADAR and picked them up dropping them into the East River where NYPD, FBI, and Secret Service Agents combed all day today looking for signs of the attackers. Two of the attackers were wounded and the FBI is running DNA tests to find out who perpetrated the crime but experts say this was clearly an expert job. The assailants had numerous supporting assets, the building’s security system was hacked shortly before the attack and the helicopter swooped in and the assailants reportedly used a SPI rig to hook up to the chopper while it was moving.

The Vice President was sworn in less than an hour later and promised the American public that justice will be swift for these terrorists. The First Lady and others are planning a prayer vigil tonight which will be held in the Congress Building. The Director of the CIA was questioned by news services, “The CIA will be working with other government agencies to find out who murdered the President, I and the rest of the nation will mourn tonight but don’t let it hurt our resolve.”

8/9/2014 | Location – Washington D.C., USA
The FBI reported that they were unable to obtain a match to the suspects blood or weapons {which were left on the roof and had no fingerprints or distinct markings on them as well as being from an unknown manufacturer (They were AR-15 type rifles though)}. A 100 million dollar reward is being offered for any information regarding the identity of the assailants. The two injured Secret Service Agents were downgraded from critical today leaving many to hope that their body armor protected them sufficiently (though the president was shot in the head). Numerous terrorist organizations have claimed credit for the act but the Director of the CIA said that this was someone new. Funeral service are to be held tomorrow in Washington D.C. and a national day of mourning has been called allowing all non-essential workers to take the day off should they wish.

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17/10/2014 | Location – Kinsasha, Congo
Erebus forces has worked their way to Kinsasha with aid from Congolese Army Units that defected from the government and were retrained by Erebus at their recruit depot in Boma. Erebus has seized control of Kinsasha from the Republic of Congo and has instituted a city wide curfew, Erebus troops, tanks, and helicopters continue to ferret out government forces in the area. Erebus has become the first company to seize control of a country since the East India Company. Colonel Soloman Grace made an announcement today that “This begins a new era of prosperity for Africa, I have instituted sweeping reforms to the economy and infrastructure for this region and it will be the first of many changes in the future. For to long this continent has suffered at the hands of Imperial powers, now they stand a chance to shine forth into the 21st century, to this end I have expelled the incumbent corporations in my territory and have begun a massive recruitment drive for expert and skilled assistance. Be part of something that will last for a hundred years.”

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