Phoenix Rising

Operation - Broken Ring

Start Location – Zurich, Switzerland

DRAGON and FALCON escaped France without further trouble and went to Switzerland, the news feeds were ablaze with the latest news Jason Baleron, the American Hero Cop, had apprehended and dangerous gunman in Hamburg (OX) using his bare hands and rifle butt to the chin. Now that they had escaped a near death experience after finding OWL and losing VULTURE to a sniper’s bullet they realized they needed some more people.

DRAGON and RAT left to find this hero cop and try to turn him to their cause, hoping to find some leverage against the man RAT began digging but was unable to turn up anything incriminating to use as blackmail.

Location – Das Island, Persian Gulf

VIPER and his crew including Javad and ARROWHEAD managed to escape Manila without being followed and returned to their home base on an abandoned oil rig near Dubai. Everything was going well until a boat carrying a beautiful woman and six stern looking soldiers came ashore and asked for an audience with the boss. They were granted it and VIPER met and began speaking to the woman, “I understand that you are a businessman, I am here to offer you a deal you would be most interested in. She hands him a binder Inside are the things that we are willing to sell to you at a good price however I do have to ask one thing in return. I wish to know the location of the man named Xavier and in exchange you will have full access to our vendor list.” “How do I know you guys are not with the government and this isn’t some kind of sting operation” The woman reaches into her purse and produces a freshly minted United Congo/Erebus Passport with her name and information on it. “I need a moment to consider your offer if you would please wait for me in another room I would be most grateful” “Don’t take to long sir, this is a limited time offer”

There Amidio was a large potential gain for his smuggling ring if they could procure items of this caliber and all it would take is to tell this mysterious woman of a man he barely knew. He needed a drink, maybe two. before heading to where Xavier (ARROWHEAD) and Javad were talking about various information they had procured during their travels. “Guys, we may have a problem there is a team of Erebus soldiers and a Russian-speaking woman onsite, right now and they are asking where you (points at Xavier) are and offering a great payment in exchange.”

The three began brainstorming ways to get out of this mess in one piece, then a brilliant idea struck Amidio “Xavier can you make yourself appear somewhere else and time stamp it for a few days ago, I can get you to Syria and from there the Brotherhood can get you clear of Erebus’ eye assuming Javad can make contact.” With the plan agreed upon they got to work and had a full package ready in a couple of hours which they gave to the mysterious woman and her dangerous looking escort."

Location – Dublin, Ireland

DRAGON dispatched MONKEY to find “Confucius” and track down KITUSNE then gave him a short bit of R&R back in England. A motocross race fan he went to Northern Ireland and encountered Jessica Clarion, a champion motocross race and managed to sneak his way backstage to talk with her after the race was over (Half of the money she donated to the Make a Wish foundation). They hit it off and Jessica offered to meet him at The Dublin Square Pub the following day, they met and started to talk when the relative peace of the pub was broken by a large, very drunk man who began causing a ruckus, the bouncers rushed him but he knocked one of them down, at that MONKEY excused himself and did a spinning axe kick to the brutes shoulder’s causing them to almost separate. Jessica now had to one up that and tells MONKEY to follow her lead we’re going someplace “exciting”. They end up in an abandoned industrial park where an underground motorcycle race was taking place and the guy from the pub is also there and calls MONKEY out. Well of course MONKEY and Jessica are going to take that challenge, halfway through the course Jessica pulls out a knife and salshes the brutes motorcycle tires and kicks his bike in the direction of the river. The pair drove up to the river and taunted the brute “I’m gonna kill you if you show your English puke face in Ireland again you bastard”. Then they finished the night at Jessica’s hotel room before meeting with DRAGON in the morning.

Location – Tokyo, Japan

Meanwhile FALCON was pursuing leads for his own acquisitions starting first in Tokyo where he was met by SLEEPING DRAGON, a Yakuza heavy hitter, concerning his missing daughters Mei and Ling, FALCON greeting the man in traditional Japanese custom and this greatly impressed the elderly man who invited FALCON to dinner and gave him the option to spend the night in his guest house. FALCON accepted and narrowly avoided an embarrassing etiquette problem that would have insulted the man and his family. He asked HAWK for any information concerning the wayward twins and found out that they might be in Hong Kong pursuing a man named Jimmy Chong. Now it was time for a face to face with ANGEL that Kobayashi had arranged in Kiev.

Location – Tel Aviv, Israel

Claire Basset rides up to an IDF base to ask the commanding officer, a Captain, about Itai Har-Zahav the currently wanted deserter and potential terrorist sympathizer and was directed to his Lieutenant who just repeated the information that was on the warrant concerning his arrest. He did give her the patrol he walked for the last couple of months and she went with a cohort of operatives to walk the area, they were drawn to a particular pet hospital and entered it seeing a pretty Palestinian woman and hearing boot steps in the back as someone rushed into a back room. Curious she talked to woman and agreed to adopt a cat, a white Persian, and saw that a cat was left unattended in the room, the woman Nadia picked him up quickly and put him in a cage. Curious Claire and her Phoenix operatives waited till later that night before breaking into the hospital with guns drawn and began to make their way to the back. However, the animals woke up and whoever was in the back room got up. “Itai, we know you are here, we are not the government and only want to offer you an opportunity to escape this country.” “Only if I can take Nadia and these animals with me woman, if you can make that happen I will come with you its worth the risk.” With that Claire ordered the operatives to holster their pistols and call in the trucks to take the animals away and they were one operative stronger.

Location – Veracruz, Mexico

VIPER was contacted by cable by DRAGON concerning the removal of a certain cartel drug lord and the need for him to be captured and smuggled out. The price was 50,000,000 upon delivery and VIPER was eager to increase his capital considering his recent windfall for heavy equipment, heavy equipment that would cost a lot of money to procure. He immediately flew out to Mexico and found the target Sebastian Guerra Lopez at a local political rally for the mayor of Veracruz, listening in he found out that he owned several hotels in the city as well as a few in Cancun and they had boasted record profits this year, profits that he was willing to share with the people of Veracruz and Cancun by helping elect the man who would turn this city around.

Intrigued and full of ideas Amidio quickly built out an approach using his legit business as a provider of fine European liquors for people with the money to pay. He brought a full sales package and asked for a business meeting with Sebastian and received it. There they discussed business and worked out a 6 month probationary contract which would pick up after his current vendor contract expired with a potential for expansion which we will talk about in a few days.

Amidio made an appointment with Sebastian for three days later, during this time he procured six car bombs from various underworld contacts and intended to use these against Sebastian.

Location – Kiev, Russia

FALCON and Claire meet with ANGEL and Michele in Kiev at a cafe, FALCON introduces himself and asks if she would consider his offer to go after the man that killed her uncle, “Why would I want to kill this man, my uncle made his choice even though I begged him not to and ended up dead. I hold no real grievance against the man, I am really here to be away from Mexico for a while.” FALCON realizing a potential in begins to ask her questions about why she is leaving Mexico “A man is in danger of losing himself, I can’t bear to watch him become like that, poor Sebastian.” FALCON was taken aback for a moment “Sebastian Guerra Lopez”, “Yes how do you know my husband” again taken aback by this turn of events FALCON and Michele excused themselves, FALCON called off the hit on Sebastian and approached Michele “The situation has changed, updates to follow”, “How can I help you sir” “Who were you talking to Michele”, “Just the girls we didn’t know that Celestia was married and wanted to throw her a party” “I don’t believe you Michele you are going to need to come with us”, sensing danger Michele drew a concealed knife and stabbed FALCON in the side, just then a large black man and six plainclothed observers drew weapons and began a shootout that lasted all of 30 seconds, FALCON shot Michele and his minions killed one of the attackers, the black man grabbed Michele’s shocked body and escaped under automatic pistol fire from the attackers.

Frustrated and bleeding FALCON returned to his meeting with Celestia after getting patched up, the gunfire was clearly heard, Celestia and Claire were clearly concerned especially when Phoenix operatives brought the corpse of one of their attackers into the room. “I was ambushed by Michele and from what I understand the Banshees don’t have any me among their ranks, care to explain while I take you hostage and call your husband he has some explaining to do as well.”


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