Erebus Assets

FOB Awetrack | Location – Tshela, United Congo
FOB Basketcase | Location – Bolobo, United Congo
FOB Cannoway | Location – Kingawa, United Congo
Camp Albatross | Location – Nkayi, United Congo
Camp Blackhawk | Location – Kinsasha, United Congo
Camp Canary | Location – Kikwit, United Congo
Erebus Marine Depot Boma | Location – Boma, United Congo
Erebus River Depot Bolobo | Location – Bolobo, United Congo
Kanaga Airport | Location – Kanaga, United Congo
Kinsasha Airport | Location – Kinsasha, United Congo
Bandundu Airport | Location – Bandundu, United Congo
Ilebo Airport | Location – Ilebo, United Congo

Non-Combat Operations
The Sphere | Location – Boma, United Congo
The Citadel | Location – North of Kinsasha, United Congo
Erebus Corporate | Location – Cape Town, RSA
Erebus Central Compound | Location – Kinsasha, United Congo
Nyx Manufacturing | Location – Matadi, Gungu, and Kolo-Fuma United Congo
The Boneyard | Location – Kikwit, United Congo

Nyx Manufacturing makes and modernizes a wide range of military hardware mainly importing and upgrading surplus Russian equipment which is dirt cheap and fairly effective. The flagship “product” (currently being used entirely to arm Erebus soldiers) is a T-72 upgrade package which upgrades everything except the hull and the gun (optics, targeting, comms, ammunition storage, etc…). Some pundits would argue that it would be easier to simply build a tank from scratch but why build new when you can recycle.

Recently Nyx has been able to partner with Russian Helicopters to supply them with new helicopters, licensed tech, and spare parts for their existing fleet of Russian made helicopters. This close partnership with the Russian Defense Industry is worrying for some but others simply see it as an alliance of convenience, Russia is one of the world’s leaders in defense technology so Col. Grace is seeking a pragmatic solution to a vexing issue. This has cut both ways as Nyx employees have been to Russia demonstrating their upgrade kits for the aging (and mostly nonfunctional T-72s) and sharing electronics technology (the Warden system that Nyx makes and the native Russian system). The Russians have become very interested because they have so many T-72s in reserve its nice to have an export customer with their own technical knowhow.

The arms deals with the Russians are not solely for tanks and helicopters though, Erebus has been buying up field artillery, small arms, armored vehicles, and ammunition for its forces as well as the rights to manufacture a variety of licensed Russian tech with minor improvements made to their design as well as technical support for Erebus maintenance staff. Some purchases are less violent as well Russian engineering vehicles and construction equipment is being sent to the Congo every month, this stuff is proving very effective on the narrow roads of the country. Basically anything that Nyx cannot make they just buy old Russian stuff and make it better (by upgrading whatever is needed).

Armored Vehicles
Operational (currently upgraded or utilized)
62 T-72s
23 ZSU 23-4 Shilkas
87 BMP-2 and BTR-3 Armored Vehicles

20 T-72s
5 ZSU 23-4s
15 BMPs
10 BTRs

30 T-72s
15 ZSU 23-4s
25 BMPs
15 BTRs

10 BM-21 Grad 107mm Multiple Rocket Launchers (Seized from the Congolese)
20 D-20 130mm Towed Artillery Pieces (13 Seized from the Congolese)
15 T-12 Rapira 100mm Antitank Guns
10 ZU-23 Twin 23mm Anti-Air cannons

2 Grish Class Corvettes

2 Ka-27 Helix Naval Helicopters
10 Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopters
25 Mi-17 Hip Transport Helicopters
1 Mi-26 Halo Heavy Transport Helicopters
2 Mi-10 Harke Flying Crane Helicopters
4 An-26 Curl Transport Aircraft
2 An-168 Business Class Turbojet Airliners
8 Cessna Caravan 208s

Soft Vehicles
800 Light Trucks
285 Medium Trucks
80 Heavy Haulers (18 wheelers)
155 Engineering and Construction Vehicles

15,150 Erebus Regulars (with more on the way via Camp Black hawk)
5,250 Erebus Combat Engineers
285 Elite Forces
575 Corporate Employees (between Nyx and Erebus)
1,250 Outside Contractors (Mostly Russian)

Erebus Assets

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