Serpent’s Embrace

Smugglers and Thieves, not the types of people that you would think of being involved in the spy game. However, you would be surprised at the necessity of these dedicated “professionals”. Agencies often need to transport sensitive materials, and no method is better for avoiding detection than the local smugglers and couriers. These men and women prefer to avoid confrontation, but will fight tooth and nail if necessary. —

While not spies, these transporters have a very similar skill set. They are adept at the art of stealth, both in terms of avoiding detection and utilizing the tool of misdirection. They are not afraid to mix it up with your “Super Spy” types, and generally come out ahead. They have one distinct advantage over spies, one that no training can supplement. They are loyal to their crew. They may not be the biggest fish in the pond, but they know what its like to fight for survival on the streets in a way that few spies do, and that is what makes them dangerous. They got into this life as a way to escape the hell they were born into, and they will damn well make sure that taking their life is the last thing you ever do.—

  • Small European smuggling outfit, based somewhere in the middle east.
  • Started off small time, running contraband over borders in Europe.
  • Gradually built up into a clandestine courier service, working for, among others, the now defunct agency.
  • The Serpents have a reputation for getting what you need, where you need it, on time, no questions asked, if you can afford the price.
  • Not paying upon delivery is … frowned upon … severely…

“The transport is not the service, its the privacy you are paying for” – Viper, to a potential client


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