The Knaves

Background – The master criminal known as VULTURE has become important enough to warrant his own entry in the ranks of hostile organizations. The Knaves are led by VULTURE and have managed to make quite a name for themselves as the Straits of Malacca have become more lawless as of late. It has become dangerous enough that the Australian and Indian navies have decided to lock down the area (the fact that this weakens weakens the National faction in the Chinese Civil War is however not lost on them).

However, VULTURE and his group managed to escape and somehow managed to steal a German frigate (Renamed The Jack of Diamonds) right after it was disarmed (but not before it lost its engines and navigation equipment). The Knaves then sailed north around Russia to the Bering Strait (this of course was done during the summer) looking to cause a jailbreak at a Maximum Security Russian Military Prison off the northern coast of Siberia. They succeeded and rescued RAPTOR and his compatriots adding them to his own band of brigands as well as a Russian utility helicopter from the Prison’s helipad.

This group has set sail for Indonesia and rearmed then headed to the United Congo in order to receive shipment of an electronics package (built by Erebus as a prototype for their own frigates) to replace the partially removed German system. They outfitted in Boma and then set sail for the West Atlantic looking for someone.

Assets – The Jack of Diamonds is a Bremen class frigate that was due to be scrapped but VULTURE and his crew managed to break it out of dry dock before the engines and navigation systems could be removed. They now have a Ka-226T and a newly rebuilt Mi-28 Attack Helicopter which were rebuilt by Erebus Air Support Teams (who instructed VULTURE’s own personnel in how to service them) which are based off the frigate (which required some unorthodox modifications to the German Frigate, also built in the Boma Dry Dock by Erebus Marine Engineering).

The Knaves

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